The laces were a nice touch to this throwback look

ZimaGear Responsible For Outlandish Div 1 Helmet Designs

1 - Published April 19, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gear, Helmets, Lax Nation, Threads, Uniforms

Last week was one of the most unprecedented games in NCAA Division 1 lacrosse history. Sure Duke upset Virginia, placing Loyola in the #1 spot…but did you see what Johns Hopkins and Maryland were wearing!?

It was perhaps the most ostentatious D1 matchup in history. Maryland’s Under Armour Pride uniforms were screaming “LOOK-AT-ME, I’M FROM MARYLAND!” rather loudly and close to our ears while Johns Hopkins rocked modern throw-backs to their 1972 uniforms, including bucket helmet wraps.

Maryland and Hopkins hit the field in uniforms we'll talk about for seasons to come.

Photo Credit: Maryland Men’s Lacrosse

What you wouldn’t have known from simply watching the game is that one company was responsible for both of these unique NCAA Div 1 helmet designs. ZimaGear. The company boasted photos of each team’s helmets on their Facebook page.

The laces were a nice touch to this throwback look.

Maryland's helmets were designed to match the sleeves of their UA Pride uniforms.

Are the helmets more convincing in black and white?

Everyone involved was looking good, as long as you had ear-plugs.

You're from Maryland. We get it.

Photo Credit: ZimaGear Facebook Page

If you’d like to purchase one of Maryland’s uniforms from this game, visit their website!


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