Yay or Nay to More Attachable Flow?

1 - Published December 17, 2011 by in Custom, Equipment, Helmets

Every once in a while the @SweetSweetLax Twitter handle picks up something unexpected, and the subject of this post definitely falls into that category.

Now I just finished watching Almost Famous for the first time (and you’re thinking, “there’s a movie with Jason Lee sporting epic flow you hadn’t seen?” I know, dude. I’m sorry). You see, I’ve been a fan of a man’s hair making an honest depiction of his character for as long as I could grow it. I even wrote a flowpinion column about it once.

What I realized after watching Almost Famous was this: I think the keyword in my previous assessment of flow is “honest.” Or “grow.” Which brings us to the topic of this post,

Personally, I think we can stop naming things this now.

An LSM with flow like this did a number to my knee in 2007...

This CPX-R clearly uses Head and Shoulders

We’ve all seen the Flowbucket. Hair attached to a helmet. Look good, play good. We’re on board. But turning the fun of fake flow into the business of fake flow? I’m not so sure. With Con Bro Chill’s Flow Attachment currently priced at $1,000,000.00, I guess they’ll have cornered the market.

LXM Pro and friend of Lax All Stars, Brett Hughes, taking on the Flowbucket

I do appreciate the “Thompahawk” though, but I think it might need the Jeremy Thompson stamp of approval for me to truly put my weight behind it.

Jeremy, what do you think?

Should the free market decide your fake flow’s fate, or should we collectively retire the jersey of fake flow to be admired and simply say we remember when?


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