Notice the detail. I'll wait.

Wyoming Lacrosse Shorts: Chap Time

0 - Published November 21, 2012 by in Threads, Uniforms

The University of Wyoming’s new shorts are probably the most “fun” shorts we’ve seen in a long time. Most teams are aiming to imitate Oregon football, or Maryland lacrosse. It’s about going super custom, modern, and definitely oh-so serious.

Wyoming’s shorts are not so serious, but they are definitely custom, and if it works for the Cowboys, then who am I, just another sweet laxer, to complain? Summer club invades the college game. Get ready for it.

Notice the detail. I’ll wait.

At first the only thing that jumped out at me were the two big guns running down each side. Then I noticed the bandolier, and the recognized that the blue was denim. It’s chaps over jeans. Classic.

At first glance it just looked like a really cool design. And that’s what makes this work. Well done, Wyoming! Took a huge risk with these, and they came out great. Stephen Oppenheimer and the Wyoming guys are an adventurous bunch. The shorts were produced by Wave One Sports based out of Conshohocken, PA.