Women Like Swag Too: Cape Ann Charity Lacrosse Classic

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Catherine Conway

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Catherine Conway to the LaxAllStars Network. Catherine will be writing with us about her experiences as she traveled from coast to coast this summer, laxing her way around the country.

Author Bio: Catherine Conway played at Boston College (in goal and on the field) and doesn’t know how to stop. She coaches for Lady Laxachusetts, and plays whenever she can, even if it’s wall ball with her dog against the garage door. 





This past weekend I played in the Cape Ann Charity Lacrosse Classic. The Classic is a big fundraiser for MetroLacrosse programming in Boston. MetroLacrosse “is a non-profit organization that promotes positive youth development and access to educational opportunities through the sport of lacrosse”.

The program amazingly “serves more than 700 young people in Boston, Brockton, Chelsea and Lawrence and is the largest urban lacrosse and education program in the country.” I have personally worked with many players from Metro, and they are some of the most upbeat kids I have ever had the opportunity to coach.

This year only 4 women’s teams came out to play on the polo fields of Massachusetts’ North Shore, but it was still a great time; and hey, everyone made the semifinals! Again, my team made it to the finals, but we dropped it in overtime* (this is up for debate due to a scoring issue, so our loss receives an asterisk).

But before I go any further, I need to cover a big pet peeve of mine: girls/women’s teams that put no effort into their uniforms. I am a big fan of matching – I want the team to look sharp while playing. There have only been a handful of teams that bothered to get a team pinnie, much less full kits, in all the tournaments and leagues I have played this summer. I don’t understand it.

“Swag” and “brolicious” uniforms are a mainstay of men’s lacrosse – the more creative, the better. I love that the teams I play with are into having great swag – nothing better than having a men’s team come up post-game and want to trade shorts with you.

Lauren Reid of Atlantic Sportswear (also the head coach at the University of Southern Maine, and a Hoot) hooked us up with the kits. If you like what we did here and you want something done too, shoot her an email:


The back of the shorts…


You’re never TOO old, right?

Check out the detailing: yes, that is a cable knit sweater pattern you’re looking at.

That’s just a top notch logo.

No kit is complete without a comfy shooter…

The Editor wants one! Amazing stuff.

Obviously hats and sweatshirts were needed for potentially inclement weather. Be on the lookout for the mockups of our pinnies for next year… We’re thinking a design similar to this, sans sleeves. Thoughts?

Editor’s Note: We love the shorts, and the shooter, and the hoodie, AND the hat… but we really want that sweater! That’s magical!

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