Wingate University Lacrosse gloves STX Cell II

Wingate (NCAA D2) STX Cell II Lacrosse Gloves For 2012

0 - Published January 30, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gear, Gloves

Wingate is another team on the STX Cell II Lacrosse Glove train for 2012 and unlike a lot of other schools, they didn’t go for the one color glove.  Always good to be a little different!  The Wingate mittens look solid in Navy, white and gold and should work with their uniforms, no matter what color combinations they go with.  For a team that only gets one pair of gloves each year, the ability to be diverse is key.

Wingate University Lacrosse gloves STX Cell II

Not bad at all!

If there is one problem with these gloves it’s that the school logo is in Navy, white and yellow, while the glove is Navy, white and gold, but it’s a small issue, and honestly, it kind of makes the school logo pop a bit more.   And that’s not a bad thing!  The black vents could be white (or gold!) in an ideal world, but the black sort of fades into the Navy, and the USNA has warmed me to black on Navy gloves a bit. We’re interested to see their uniforms, and the custom helmet wraps they are getting from ZimaGear.  Could be aggressive!