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UPDATED: Why Have A Release Date When The Products Are Already For Sale?

5 - Published September 29, 2011 by in Equipment

Updated: is no longer advertising easton gear.  On the webpage when choosing to sort by brand, it now says “there are no products matching this selection.  Laxworld has removed all the Easton gear, so we once again believe in “Full Tilt” 11.11.11.  These guys are GOOD!  and Fast Acting.  

Easton Means Business!

For the most part, it seems as though both Under Armour and Easton have tried to keep their new products under tight wraps until their “official” releases.  Most notably, I have seen numerous advertisements saying “full tilt” on 11/11/11 for the Easton Raptor Helmet.  I can only assume that this is the release date.  However, after visiting the new LaxWorld website, I now have a very different view.

Why keep hyping up all of these “new” products when they are already on sale at LaxWorld?!?  Now, to be fair, Easton did get back to us and say that their products have NOT left their warehouses.  So while a company may be selling the gear, they don’t actually have it in stock yet.  It’s sort of a weird situation…


Arm Pads, Shoulder Pads, Gloves, a Lacrosse Head, and even the Easton Raptor Helmet – all for sale on this wonderful website called LaxWorld.

Highly Hid Easton Helmet for Sale?


Enter the Under Armour Gear Onslaught.  Feast your eyes on the Under Armour Baltiflage Shaft.  I bet the guys over at 24SevenLax are dying to get their hands on these!  Camouflage and the Maryland Flag Print?!?


Now, Nike is not the only company going for that bright, neon color.  I Bring you “Velocity” on Under Armour’s Control Shaft.  So, what do we think?  In a battle between Gargantuan Companies, who are we picking?

Nike and Volt or Under Armour and Velocity??

Velocity vs. Volt

In addition, Under Armour is selling two different varieties of gloves, arm guards, shoulder pads, 4 types of lacrosse heads, and 5 different shafts… again, all on LaxWorld!

Under Armour Spectre Glove

So, this brings me back to my first point.  Why bother with release dates for products that are already being sold by Lacrosse Retailers?

In addition, in taking from 412, are we going to “Buy or Sell” Under Armour as a legitimate lacrosse company? While the equipment critics have already begun knocking their gloves and protective lines, UA lacrosse shafts and heads appear to be top notch.

Let us know your thoughts. Drop us a line below in the comments section.


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