Who Wore It Better: Victorious Secret Lacrosse

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Victorious Secret has become a VERY popular name for Summer lacrosse teams in the last couple of years. Two intrepid readers sent in a tip about the phenomenon and they both mentioned teams at McCall and at War at the Shore that took on the VS moniker. But it doesn’t stop there! Of course not. There has been a team out at Vail called Victorious Secret as well. So it’s clearly popular, although the Vail team is now a LacrosseWear Red Lions team, I believe.

But who is the MOST popular? When it comes to silly things like lax Summer uniforms, wins and losses mean nearly nothing. It’s all about looking good out there. So who has put the best look to the name, Victorious Secret? Check out the photos, give it some thought, and then cast your vote in the poll at the bottom! Pretty scientific, huh? In the end, we all want to be the best around!

Photo #1 – Brawl In McCall

Victorious Secret Lacrosse Brawl in McCall

The Brawlers. Option #1.

Photo #2 – War at the Shore

War-at-the-Shore-Victorious Secret Lacrossel

The War(riors). Option #2.

Photo courtesy of LPG!

Photo #3 – Vail 2009 (Couldn’t find a 2010 photo… d’oh! Send one in, someone!

Vail Lacrosse Tournament Victorious Secret

The Vail effort. The pink side was better. Option #3.

Thanks to for the photo!

Now get to the Poll below!


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