Who Did It First: Twitter Handles on Jerseys

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This summer I coached a team of U17 players from the greater Sacramento area at a tournament run by All West Lacrosse at Treasure Island in San Francisco. We were named team Party Down. I promised them that win or lose, any team with my name under the “Coach” heading will have great looking uniforms. As coaches, All-American standout attackman from UC Davis and true ambassador of flow, Johnny Parsons (@johnnybananas_9) and I (@flowsicingflows) created these monstrosities celebrating the glorious inception of our respective Twitter handles.

Girls literally following me.

Well now, according to a press release from the Philadelphia Wings loaded with Twitter links, they’ve decided to feature their player’s Twitter handles on the back of their jerseys for a game on Feburary 12th. Take a gander:

Friend of LAS, Max Seibald's projected Philly Wings uniform

Now there’s a good amount of chatter about whether this unorthodox uniform change means progress for our sport (or for the world, for that matter). Normally this is where I’d vociferously put my two cents in (and get a dollar back), but I’ll save you my long-winded musings and just present you with the important information, the reactions of those involved. The following is a list of links including reactions from Philly players, coaches, fans, complete strangers, and people who didn’t even know what lacrosse was until Twitter got involved. That last bit encapsulates the entire debate about the relative importance of social media interaction here.

Crossing Broad – “The Philadelphia Wings Are So Proud of Their New Jerseys”

In Lax We Trust – “Philadelphia Wings Twitter Jerseys Reactions”

Lacrosse Magazine – “A Nod of Support for the Wings Twitter Experiment”

In Lax We Trust – “Dear Wings: Ummmm WTF??”


Simply put, and Sweet Sweet Lax run on the input of our readers.

How do you feel about the players being required to create a Twitter if they don’t already have one? Is this a step forward for lacrosse? For Twitter? For humanity? Most importantly, who did it best? Johnny and I, knowing they’re for fun, or the Philadelphia Wings, who are trying to gain exposure and the digital intimacy of its fans? Post in the comments section below.

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