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Where Is Reebok Lacrosse At?

4 - Published August 31, 2011 by in Equipment, Kicks, Lax Nation, Stick Tech

Other than the Watermelon Challenge, Reebok Lacrosse pretty much disappeared from the face of the lax world.  Radio silence.  No new ads. No Press Releases.  And no new products.  Maybe it has to do with Adidas’ lacrosse line falling apart from the outside in.  What could that possibly have to do with Reebok?  Well, Adidas owns Reebok.  Maybe they are re-aligning their brands.  Or maybe Reebok is just keeping quiet.  Like I said, it’s been total radio silence, so we have no idea.  But that doesn’t mean we aren’t interested.

After all, Reebok is the equipment sponsor of the NLL, and the products they came out with last year were some of the best we’d seen in ages.  Sure, the customization level was at the low end of the spectrum, but the important tangibles, like a high-quality product, were evident from the get go.  the 10k gloves and all of Reebok’s arm pads were top notch.  Tack on to that the impressive zig technology and Reebok seemed poised to make big leaps in the lax world.  Yet so far, it’s been all quiet on the western front.  Hopefully there’s some behind the scenes action going on.

rochester nll glove reebok

Rochester Knighthawks gloves. These were sick.

If Reebok is planning something, we have a couple ideas on what that could be.

First, the zig tech needs to be available for turf shoes and cleats.  The running shoes are comfortable, but the lateral support is non-existent.  These were the first zigs I tried out.  I had my doubts when I bought a pair of the Zig slash basketball shoes, but I had a gift certificate, so I figured, why not?  Well the ankle support and lateral stability in the basketball shoes was awesome.  So aweome that I wore them all winter in a box league.  So awesome that they became my turf shoes, and a my favorite shoes to give private lessons in.  I was impressed that they were able to translate a front to back technology into something that could work laterally as well.  And I was sold on the Zig concept.

So where are the football cleats at?  Are they out there and google just isn’t showing them to me?  Or will Reebok wait until the NFL is back in full swing to unveil these new cleats?  I don’t know that they exist, but they simply must eventually.  After all, the Zig could finally be Reebok’s answer to Nike’s Air!  And we all know laxers love lightweight football cleats.  So once we’ve got football boots, we’ve got lax kicks.  It’s that simple.  I’m calling it now, Reebok will have Zig football cleats by the middle of the NFL season.  Of course, that could just be me thinking wishfully.

Reebok Zigtech Designs Lacrosse Basketball lax

Make great turf shoes already. Couple tweaks? Perfection is possible.

The next big thing I want to see from Reebok is the ability to customize team orders for gloves.  They can offer two levels.  One is with stock colors and they just add on your school’s name or logo, and maybe a number.  The second level should offer the better teams (and people willing to pay for it) the options of custom colors and materials, and more logos and school names or mascots.  Everyone else in the lacrosse world offers the second tier of custom gloves… it’s the least they will have to do to stay relevant in the team sales department.

I do NOT think that Reebok needs to unveil a new glove though.  The 10K is an AWESOME gloves.  It’s flexible, has a durable leather palm, lightweight, compact AND protective.  The design and patterning in simple and catchy and can work with any uniform style.  The only problem with the run of gloves is that they come in such a limited color run, and that you can’t customize them.  Reebok has stated, in the past, that they will only offer custom gloves to the general public if they can get production times down to under 8 weeks.  Wow.  I actually really respect that.  A focus on quality.  Not bad.

washington reebok nll glove

I could see Colleges rocking these for sure.

But that means that since they have set such a high standard, they need to make it happen.  So the pressure is on, and it’s self-applied.

The arm pads will undoubtedly get tweaked a little bit, but I don’t think they need a complete overhaul.  The pads can take a beating, and Reebok offers a variety of padding from Robocop level down to padded sleeve, but it’s all intended to keep you protected while allowing you to move.  Like I said, they make a good product.

For the most part.  The 10K head and shaft were interesting, but I really think the O-ports were a bit gimmicky.  I’m sure having a couple of holes in your shaft and the scoop of the head will increase stick speed, but I’m doubtful that it would really make that much of a difference.  That wasn’t going to revolutionize the game, and started to get into risky territory.  I liked the ridiculous look of the Watermelon stick, but still… gimmicky stuff.  Not good.

Now it’s not like Reebok isn’t doing anything at all.  They are going to be featured in the new Crooked Arrows film, and the players are all rocking Reebok gear, as seen here.  But something jumps out at me… they aren’t wearing Reebok’s NEW gear!  It’s their old stuff, from last year.  And it looks like it’s totally stock.  This is a chance to showcase your lacrosse gear, and they went with last year’s stuff?  This is what I mean about radio silence.  They don’t have to talk to me, but be proactive and promote yourselves!

When you add on to all of this potential positive mentioned above the fact that Brodie Merrill, Mark Steenhuis, Matt Alrich, Lewis Ratcliff, Zack Greer AND Matt Drennan are ALL Reebok Athletes, yet we hear little to nothing about these guys, it just you scratching your head.  Pretty sure Brodie just won Defender of year again.  Pretty sure the Nationals just went to the Finals.  Positive that Canadian box lacrosse has been going down like crazy.  Yet we hear nothing from Reebok?  Don’t they know the lacrosse world is a 365 gig?  If they want to be taken seriously, they need to figure that out ASAP.


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