What’s In The Box?

0 - Published December 21, 2012 by in Gear

Unlike Brad Pitt, we love receiving boxes with surprises in them.

Thankfully, our boxes are almost always stuffed with lacrosse gear, and they’re never packed by Kevin Spacey. This past week we got a box in the mail from Reebok, and what was inside?


It’s a lot of Reebok Black gear!

It’s Reebok’s new Black Line, and it’s an exciting development from the company known for their NLL gear. The Black gear is stripped down, lightweight, as minimal as possible, and we’re excited to check it out and give it a full Gear Review soon, once we’re playing some more field lacrosse.

We also got some Reebok 9k Rib Pads (for box lacrosse!) and got to try them out last weekend. They’re pretty legit! Finally, we also got a Reebok Black shaft, and we’ll be reviewing that as well:

After trying the gear on, our first impressions are good. We’ll be back with more from Reebok soon.