Weston From Colorado Explains MetaMorphoMesh

0 - Published November 27, 2012 by in Stick Tech, String Jobs

METAmorphoMESH is a new lacrosse mesh product from Jimalax where multiple sizes of diamonds are used in one piece of mesh. In this new MmMesh (that’s a nice, short name), the diamonds are small (10 diamond style) up top, and larger (7 or 8 diamond) near the bottom. In the video below, Weston from Colorado explains his thoughts on the product, and since he’s a stringer we trust, he’s a stringer you should probably trust too.

The black and yellow mesh was a nice touch on that white Easton head. Wonder what it would be like to string the big diamonds up top? Someone get on that!

We’re starting to see more of these multiple-sized diamond mesh pieces emerge in lacrosse, and 24 Seven Lax has been sharing photos of another variety (which has been around for a while) where the small holes run down the middle of the mesh, and large holes run down the sides of the mesh.

Is this the end of new mesh types? No way.

We’re going to see more waxed or treated mesh, more mesh with different sized holes, more rubber mesh and I’ve even caught wind of a couple of other products which are in development now… As lacrosse continues to evolve, we will see more and more of this. Of course none of it really matters if you’re afraid to string your own stick!


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