Wesleyan Nike Lacrosse Gloves lax

Wesleyan University Nike Lacrosse Gloves

12 - Published February 3, 2011 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves

Wesleyan University (NCAA Division 3 school that plays in the NESCAC) has gone from Brine to Warrior to Brine and now to Nike Lacrosse for their gloves in the last bunch of years.  This year, they got the Nike Vapor gloves and went with White and Red.  The black trim on the gloves fits in perfectly with Wesleyan’s color scheme.  Wesleyan has never been a “wear the most custom gear” kind of team but these gloves look nice.  Simple and classic.  Wesleyan will be going with all white Cascade CPX-R helmets this year (photos to come once the new backpanels arrive) so the gloves will work nicely with that.

Wesleyan Nike Lacrosse Gloves lax

The old shield logo is so classy. I won't take credit for the idea to use it, even though I deserve it.

I don’t like white helmets very much.  But all white helmets are a different story.  White visor, white shell, white chin, push to start.  As long as the logo work is solid and the backpanel is super human, I’m ok with it.  I’m not as ok with a white helmet with a red visor, or something like that, but as we all know, it’s about personal preference.  And the only reason my personal preference counts here is because I’m an alum.  So I can talk all I want, all right?

Wesleyan Nike Lacrosse Gloves lax

The Black swoosh looks great in this case.

Lots of people are doubting Wesleyan this year, saying they have no one on offense, a thin D and a weak face off situation.  I put them in my top 20 on laxpower and some people thought this was a joke.  But I was serious.  They have talent in goal, a great team D which will once again surprise people by how it reloads and a more team-centered approach to offense.  Do they lack experience at the faceoff X? Yes.  Do they lack skill at the position?  No.  You heard it hear first, Wes is back in 2011.

Oh, and did the owner of these gloves use a little trick we told you about a couple of weeks back?  I’d say so!  The Lacrosse glove cuff modification continues!  When will manufacturers learn?!?!?!?!

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