Warrior Lacrosse TII Helmet lax Salt Shakerz LC

Warrior TII Helmet For The Salt Shakerz LC

5 - Published January 25, 2011 by in Custom, Equipment, Helmets

Warrior is known for its custom product work and willingness to create singular showpiece items.  This much is well-known.  Well, when someone goes the extra mile at Warrior, they get rewarded, and the recipient of this prize is one lucky fellow!  The helmet is a custom pink Warrior TII Lacrosse lid and it has been created using the Salt Shakerz LC theme of pink and… well… salt.  And shaking.  These guys covered Vegas for us this past year and are looking to take it up a level at the Miami Bump and Grind tourney this weekend.  That is where this lid will make its debut.  Special custom effort.  I don’t hate this at all.  Not one bit.  Pink Woozles helmets, here we come? Hmmm…

Warrior Lacrosse TII Helmet lax Salt Shakerz LC

Sweet back. Checkers!

Warrior Lacrosse TII lax helmet Salt Shakerz LC

Nice decal work. Love the color!

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