Denver Warrior Lacrosse helmets 2012 possible

Warrior Taking Lacrosse Helmets To The Next Level

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Remember when a cool lacrosse helmet was just a black Bacharach with 3 of the panels stickered up and maybe a double white foam chin?  Perhaps that’s too Old School for you.  Also, it sounded like something weirdos might order in Seattle coffee houses.  Ok, let’s start over. Soy only, please.

Remember when a cool lax lid was basically any Cascade that wasn’t stock white?  Or a white Cascade with a white facemask?  Well, that was years ago and things have take a HUGE step up since then.  The helmets are of a higher quality nowadays, but in this post we’re not talking about protection one bit.  It’s ALL about the look.  After all, this is Sweet Sweet Lax!

Warrior hooked Denver up with two-tone gold and maroon helmets last year.  They also got white helmets with facemasks of bronze.  Both were pretty cool, and quite original, at least in the college uniform department.  And now, in a new ad campaign, Warrior is showing off what they might do this year, and it’s a huge step up.  Again.

Denver Warrior Lacrosse helmets 2012 possible

Holy Shnikes!

Do you think those are as special as I do?  Because you should.

We’ve seen College football team after College football team get wild with their helmets.  Oregon started the trend with uniforms Boise State with hideous (but excellent) astroturf, both became super successful programs, and then all of the other Nike schools jumped on board.  Some could pull it off better than others.  TCU usually does a good job of mixing it up, while Georgia went all out in the unoriginal department and failed miserably.  People are strictly divided on the recent Maryland helmets and uniforms, but people don’t matter.  Recruits matter.  Winning matters.  At least I think that’s the message we’ve settled on.

In college lacrosse however, we have not seen NEARLY the same level of wild uniforms.  Sure, we got matte black helmets, crazy helmet wraps for the playoffs and one set of yellow uniforms, but for the most part teams play it safe.  This is extremely interesting because almost all of the travel teams that future college players are playing on right now have loud and wild uniforms.  And right now, Denver is really one of the only schools pushing the envelope with their uniforms in college lacrosse.  The fact that Tierney is there doesn’t hurt either.  Or that the school supports the team.  Or that they play a fun style of lacrosse to watch (and play).

Is Denver our Oregon?

-Denver Warrior Lacrosse helmets 2012 possible ad

The full Warrior ad.


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