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Warrior Mac Daddy III Black And Tan Lacrosse Glove

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Warrior Lacrosse is always striving to reach the highest limits of lacrosse equipment technology and quality. Some have questioned their advertising approaches, helmets and other design elements in the past, but one thing that simply can not be challenged is the fact that when Warrior decides to put together a top of the line, limited run piece of equipment, it often ends up being the best thing since sliced bread. The Warrior Mac Daddy III Black & Tan edition is one of those products, and I feel blessed to have even been able to put on a pair. Seriously, they’re that good.

Warrior Lacrosse Mac Daddy III lax glove Black and Tan

What. A. Beauty.

The outside of the glove is covered in super soft black and tan calf skin leather. When I took them out of the box, it took me a couple of minutes to even put them on my hands, because I didn’t want to stop touching the outside leather. It was just that supple and nice. And there were just many small pads packed on to the back of the glove. I was mesmerized. After flipping the glove over, I found that the entire palm was made of the same leather, and it was basically just ONE seamless piece with a piece of the black leather placed in the heaviest wear zone of the palm near the thumb. One piece leather palms? You can NOT be serious. But Warrior was serious.

Warrior Lacrosse Mac Daddy III lax glove Black and Tan

The palms of perfection.

I was even a little concerned that the inside of the palms wouldn’t match up to the feel of the outisde, but MAN, was I wrong. The inside of the glove’s palm is even softer than the outside. When I first put them on, the palms were super snug, and there was little to no rippling when I closed my fist. It felt like I was wearing a padded premium golf glove or batter’s glove. Somehow, I also felt like I could be driving a $400,000 sports car. Maybe it’s the fact that all the sewn portions of the glove are done in gold twine. Maybe it’s the B&T color combo. But it’s lavish, provides every creature comfort, and high-powered, that much is certain.

Warrior Lacrosse Mac Daddy III lax glove Black and Tan

Hand in glove. Softness.

The gloves definitely felt like they would wear in nicely, but one never knows until they really try it out. So after 2 days of just looking at the gloves, I finally took the out to the wall to break them in. That took all of the walk to play wall ball. By the time I reached to wall (which is a NYC block and a half from my house) the gloves had softened up (I wore them on the walk cradling. I’m weird.) nicely and I was ready to get to business. Within a minute or two I had forgotten I was wearing brand new gloves. By the time I was done, the gloves felt like I’d had them for years and they were my old favorite pair. Yet they still fit nice and snug.

The next test was playing with them in a game. Or two. Or three. So I took them out to the Citylax Southampton Shootout and used them all day. I took a bunch of good slap checks to the hands, and they passed the protection test with flying colors. I felt as connected to my stick as I have in years and definitely got the sensation of playing with cut out palms, or no gloves at all, from these almost brand new mittens. Scored a couple goals, but more importantly I had a great feel for my stick. Other than a gb I literally kicked out of bounds, I don’t think I missed a pass or a ground ball, and even pulled in some passes I probably shouldn’t have. Maybe it was the soft mesh. Maybe I was just lucky. But I wouldn’t be so quick to discount the gloves either.

Citylax Southampton Shootout Lacrosse Tournament 2011

Yeah, the gloves are thumbs up good.

I had a pair of the original super limited edition Mac Daddy gloves. I got them 6 or 7 years ago. And I wore them forever. They were my go to gloves. Sadly, after about 2.5-3 years, the palms did wear out on me. So I cut out the funky parts and just kept using them, as more and more tape made its way on to the gloves’ fingers. These were my top gloves for years, and I honestly never thought I’d ever get another pair that rivaled them. Well, thanks to Warrior, I now have a pair that is even better.

One of the biggest ways that these gloves are better are the palms. At first, I thought the snug fit would be TOO snug, but after I wore them in three games, I noticed the leather had actually molded to the shape of my hand. So now instead of being snug in some places, and perfect in others, it was perfect all over. When I put the gloves on now, my hand finds its place within them instantly. It’s a great feel.

I’ve liked a bunch of gloves over the past year or two. Reebok’s 10k gloves, Nike’s Elite Glove, Warrior’s Riot and STX’s Assault. Maybe even in that order. But these gloves easily surpass them all, and stand alone on the top of the glove chart in terms of quality, comfort, and overall awesomeness. It’s not even close.

Do the gloves have limitations? No question about it. For me, they are just heavily outweighed by the positives! But I’ll still give you the run down on some of the drawbacks. They are soft, supple leather. I love that. But wearing them in the rain/mud might not be the best idea if I want to keep them in good condition. Leather does dry, but it can get funky if you’re not careful. So I’ll be avoiding that. The palms will also wear out eventually. But this happens with all lacrosse gloves, and my last experiece with premium leather was lengthy one. So I’m not too worried. The most visual limitation is their color scheme. If you play on a team that has team colors (read not post college club) and enforces this on glove decisions, you’re either in luck or you’re not. If you can make these gloves with your team’s colors then awesome. If not, there’s not much to be done.

Warrior Lacrosse Mac Daddy III lax glove Black and Tan

I should be a glove model. LOVE THESE!

The last limitation to the gloves is their price. These gloves will be sold for around $275-300. And to most people, that seems pretty steep. But the cost does actually make some amount of sense. The palms alone probably tacked on an extra $40 to the cost, and the use of premium leather all over added to those costs. THEN tack on the fact that only 250 of these gloves were made and you can see why the cost is what it is.

Remember those original Mac Daddys I talked about earlier? Remember how I used them for a couple years before the palms wore out? Remember how I kept using them even after that? Well THOSE gloves cost $300 back then and Warrior made 1000 of them! So even though prices in lax have gone up since then, these gloves still basically cost the same. And if you love a soft leather glove like I do, they will last you for years and be the best glove you’ve ever worn.

I’m not worried about someone coming out with a better glove than this any time soon. Not unless they are willing to charge a similar amount, and produce a super high-end limited run of gear for their biggest fans. And I don’t see that happening in the next 2-3 years, at the very least.

So are the gloves expensive and do you have to treat them a little more delicately than other lacrosse gloves? Definitely. But after trying them out for the first time, you’ll WANT to treat them better than any other glove you’ve ever worn, because they’re just that good.

Right now you can buy the Mac Daddy III Black and Tan gloves from, and they have them listed for $304.99. Yes, $305 for a lacrosse glove. The gloves are slated to be more widely available in September and October of this year. This is only something to buy if you have the extra money, or REALLY REALLY love lacrosse gloves, but I’m sure that there are 249 other people out there that will agree with me wholeheartedly. Best gloves ever.

*Because of the limited run nature of the gloves, they will not be graded on the Ten Point Scale we usually use. I’ll just say this: they are expensive as hell, but if you’re into this kind of lacrosse glove, they’re worth every penny.

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