Warrior And Brine Unleash MLL Glove Mock Up Heaven

3 - Published December 18, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves

We’ve been known to mock up a few pairs of gloves from time to time, but Warrior and Brine just put everyone to shame, and on top of that, they’re letting fans on Facebook vote on which gloves they like best. Will they use the fans’ choice? Who knows? We just like looking at fake mittens.

The Cannons got three truly different options, and the Machine got three versions of basically the same glove. Doesn’t really matter though, because all three of those Ohio gloves are pretty. Why doesn’t New York have a primarily Lime green option? No idea. Of all the gloves, the purple and orange Nats pair might stand out the most, but we’re pretty sure none of us here are good enough to warrant that type of bright look.

If we had to pick ONE glove to receive as a present? Maybe a pair of those black and grey Denver gloves. The ones on the left. No, the right. No, the left. Definitely the left. Unless…

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