Maverik Maybach Gloves Define You Lacrosse

Want To Win Maverik Maybachs? LIKE Define You Apparel

1 - Published May 27, 2011 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves

It’s pretty simple.  If you want to win a pair of mostly white Maverik Maybachs, with a green looking cuff and “BEARCATS” written across the wrist guard, then all you have to do is “Like” Define You Apparel’s Facebook Page.  And you’re entered to win.  They have about 100 fans now and will give the gloves away when they reach 700 fans.  That’s totally doable, and are probably the best odds you’ll get to win a free pair of gloves with almost no work.  Plus their T-shirts are definitely something a little different.  We find deals and good contests, and we pass them on to you.  Happy Friday.

Maverik Maybach Gloves Define You Lacrosse

Could be your new Summer gloves.