Vintage Leather Lacrosse Gloves

Vintage Leather Lacrosse Gloves? Yes Please.

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Found by reader Gabe Border at Belladora Antiques on Vintage Leather WINWELL L79 Lacrosse Gloves.

Talk about Old School!!! These 13.25″ leather gloves have never even been worn. Here’s a little insight from the seller at Belladora:

In Mint Condition but something is odd. Please note that the fingers on the left are black & tan while the ones on the right are tan & black. Is this some secret Lacrosse code? Both bear the same model number. I did an internet search but was unable to locate a similar pair by this company. Lots of Winwell gloves but all new. These would date from between 1950-1970 in my opinion. They display extremely well!

Vintage Leather Lacrosse Gloves

Wondering if they're really lacrosse gloves? Just check the palms!


Vintage Leather Lacrosse Gloves

Talk about unique!

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Is it possible that the gloves are actually from two different sets?  We think it’s possible, especially because the L79 and WinnWell logos seem to be slightly different sizes.  But maybe people preferred mismatching gloves back then?  We guess it’s possible.  EIther way, these are extremely cool.  Maybe an older reader out there can fill us in with the details!

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