Unique Easton Lacrosse Traditional Pocket

4 - Published July 24, 2012 by in Stick Tech, String Jobs

Connor Wilson picked up a new Easton Launch Core head, and of course, he threw some traditional in there. But he didn’t throw traditional stringing in the Stealth High School head he got from Easton because there weren’t any specific throat holes for the leathers. Connor could have gotten creative and made it happen, but he didn’t, probably because he’s lazy.


Wonderful work by Blake! Check out the throat!

Well, Blake Kim of Easton Lacrosse is NOT lazy, AND he can string a traditional stick along with the best of them, so he did. Blake used a white Easton Stealth HS head and the overall traditional work is immaculate… but the best part? When Blake got to the bottom of the throat, he figured out a Gary Gait-esque way to float his leathers at the bottom!


What a beauty!


Front of the throat detail…

Another detail shot from the throat.

The ball sits in there REAL nice!

Tell me this isn’t a beautiful looking traditional stick… I dare you! Great job by Blake Kim to string up a real beauty! Blake said he ran out of white sidewall and that is why he went with the blue string, but I think it looks great, and 100% playable! Got traditional you want to show off? Hit us up!


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