Unequal Technologies EXO Skeleton lacrosse pad lax

Unequal Technologies EXO Skeleton Home Made Arm Pad Review

7 - Published September 22, 2011 by in Equipment

Last week I got some new padding technology from Unequal Technologies.  I received a number of padding sheets, and all of it was part of their new EXO Skeleton line of supplemental pads.  I figured that since these pads were designed to be used to augment your existing pads I should try to make a pair of home made arm pads out of them.  I figured if I can make a brand new pair of pads from scratch and the material worked, then it would have to work when it was used to build up retail padding.  Not 100% scientific, but the results were still really interesting.

The arm pads held up well, were immediately flexible and provided surprisingly good protection.  The padding sheet I used for the lower and upper arm pad portion was quite thin, but neither slashes nor crosschecks left much of a mark.  The portion I used for the elbow pad was impenetrable.  It was almost an inch of padding, kevlar and blast shield, and the slickness of the blast shield helped the pad shurg off checks like they were nothing.  If an NLL player had arm pads with the blast shield EXO Skeleton covering them, the guy would be in heaven.  I might end up attaching the blast shield style pad to the upper and lower pads on these arm pads and use them in my next box season.  The blast shield pads are THAT tough.

Unequal Technologies EXO Skeleton lacrosse pad lax

The blast shield on the elbow is SERIOUS business

But let’s face it, most people aren’t going to build their own arm pads.  But that doesn’t mean this EXO Skeleton padding wouldn’t be of use to them.  It DEFINITELY works, and can take a serious beating.  So right now, the best use for it is to supplement existing lax pads with it.  Does your arm pad come up a little short, and leave you with a big gap of protection on your lower forearm?  Well, have no fear.  This stuff is perfect for just that!  Got a gap?  Use some Kevlar padding!

Unequal Technologies EXO Skeleton lacrosse pad

Just slip it right into the gap in padding!

Unequal Technologies EXO Skeleton lacrosse pad lax

And Boom. Ready to roll.

Or maybe you took a shot in the shin, and you want to make sure it’s padded up before you go back out on the field.  This stuff is also perfect for uses like that.

Unequal Technologies EXO Skeleton lacrosse pad lax

Now my shin is safe! That was easy.

Overall, the EXO Skeleton pads are pretty great.  They are protective and flexible, and can definitely help you fill the holes in your lacrosse padding needs.  They’re ideal for goalie chest protectors, arm pad and shoulder pad accentuation and box lacrosse pad building.  It opens the realm of possibilities up quite a bit, and allows you to customize your gear.  Not bad at all!

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