Under Armour Lacrosse Making Moves: Partners With Trilogy

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In terms of player sponsorship and exposure, the recent Under Armour – Trilogy Lacrosse deal is absolutely huge.  Under Armour has signed on to partner with Trilogy on a number of levels, and the reach of this relationship is truly amazing.  The two brands are looking to build synergy wherever possible, and by helping each other, they are confident that they will both see greater success, and be able to offer a better service to their consumers and players.

under armour lacrosse ad

Here is a preview of a new UA print ad! Looks AWESOME!

We got the chance to speak with Mitch Belisle (Cornell, Boston Cannons, Minnesota Swarm) of Trilogy Lacrosse to gather some additional details for our readers, and after hearing a bit more, we too are confident that this will be a great deal for both parties.  Let’s get to the nitty-gritty!

I asked Mitch, “Why UA?  You guys are some of the best players in the world, of all the lacrosse brands out there, why choose Under Armour to work with?”  And I was was also curious if this was a gloves/heads/pads deal as well…  I’ll get to the latter first.

Yes, this a pads, heads, gloves deal.  Ryan Boyle, Greg Downing, Mitch Belisle and Matt Striebel are ALL Under Armour guys now.  They’ll rock the pads, the heads and more, and will be featured in UA’s next advertising campaign.  They are the new faces of UA lacrosse.

When Mitch spoke about why they chose UA, he spoke about the company’s vision and goals for, and within, the sport.  He said their desire to “provide the best, and get the word out it in a grass roots style” was very similar to the approach Trilogy takes.  It makes for a good marriage, and there is a lot of common ground.  Under Armour being Baltimore based, and a lot of the Trilogy guys being Baltimore guys, didn’t hurt either.

under armour lacrosse ad

Love this one too. Great intensity!

A burning question I had was whether there was any potential hesitation from Trilogy to partner with UA after the issues at Maryland this year, but that was laughed off quickly.

For Trilogy, it is about patterns and trajectory.  The attitude is: last year was Under Armour’s first year really making lacrosse padding and heads, and there are always going to be ups and downs, but Trilogy is completely confident that their success in the lacrosse world will be the same as their overall success.  Basically, there was no hesitation whatsoever.

In the end, this is a deep partnership.  UA gets a ton of direct exposure to all the campers and players from Trilogy, and indirect exposure from all the teams who play Trilogy.  They also picked up four of the best players in the game.  The Trilogy coaches get support and sponsorship, and will be able to draw in more players with the lovely apparel UA already produces.  The kids get high quality apparel, and coaches who can afford to dedicate themselves more fully to coaching.  It’s definitely a win-win-win.

But let’s take this one step further… is this a better deal for Under Armour than picking up another school to sponsor? Do they get better exposure from a deal like this?  Can they convert young players to UA lacrosse and keep them for life? What do YOU think about this deal?


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