Under Armour “Highlight” Cleats

6 - Published December 5, 2011 by in Custom, Equipment, Kicks, Threads, Uniforms

I think we might’ve discussed this shoe before briefly, but never posted about it. I keep imagining how cool it would be to try these cleats out. Now that something that pushes the design standards of athletic cleats exists, I feel like I have to know whether they would improve my game or not.

UA Highlight Football Cleat designed for Cam Newton

For a lot of years I struggled with deciding which sport’s cleat was for me. I’m still struggling really. I used soccer (Adidas Predators) in high school, then moved to football (Nike Speed TDs), moved back to soccer at UC Davis (Nike Mercurial Vapors) and only recently switched back to football (Nike Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly). My issue was always whether or not I wanted ankle support vs. a lighter, quicker cleat. I’m wondering if these could be the best of both worlds in a way no one’s ever tried before.

I’m looking for a SSL reader who has more information, or optimally has gotten to try this cleat out. Who has more information for us?

Cam Newton making us all look inferior in UA cleats.





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Strong enough for a man. Made for Cam Newton.

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