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To a gear head like me, the Under Armour All American game is one of the highlights of the lacrosse year. Not only do you get to see the newest gear Under Armour has to offer, you get to see it worn by the best high school players in the country who are expected to make big impacts on Division I schools in the very near future.

2013 Under Armour  All American Kits

2013 Under Armour All American Kits

The center piece of the game this year was the ArmourFuse Uniforms. The ArmourFuse Jerseys are the lightest, fastest jerseys ever made from Under Armour. The 4-way stretch construction maximizes your range of motion and boasts moisture transport to keep you cool and dry.

Under Armour Jersey used in 2013 All American game

Under Armour Jersey used in 2013 All American game

Like most if not all NCAA Division I, and MLL teams, the helmet of choice for the All Americans was the Cascade R. The newest helmet in the game just recently became available to the public and you can customize your own at With slick sticker sets, the North and South teams both looked great for this game!

On the hands of every All American at this year’s contest was the new Charge glove. I haven’t been able to get my hands on a pair quite yet but from the looks of them they are the future of glove industry. Flexible thumbs, maximum protection for the back of the hand, and breathability headline the charge gloves. If these gloves look familiar, it is because we gave away a pair not too recently.

UA Charge Glove

The blue and yellow Highlight cleats worn by both teams were a blur, as each team pushed transition the entire game. These cleats seem to be getting more and more popular ever since they came out. I really like the way Under Armour is going with the development of their new lacrosse gear. Being relatively new to the lacrosse scene, compared to seasoned vets such as Warrior, STX, and Brine, it seems as if they have had no problem getting their foot in the door and I see them competing with the major brands very soon.

Under Armour Highlight Cleats for 2013 All Americans

Under Armour Highlight Cleats for 2013 All Americans

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