Under Armour And Maryland: Year 2 – Redemption?

2 - Published October 16, 2012 by in Equipment, Gear, Gloves

Breaking into the lacrosse market is NEVER an easy task, especially when it comes to hard goods. Under Armour made the push last year, and got some serious heat for their products not living up to the college game’s requirements. As our site was one of those who made a big fuss, it is only fair that I give them another shot for 2013, and from the looks of things, UA Lacrosse is already making huge strides.


Under Armour is everywhere for Maryland in 2013.

Last year, Maryland dropped their beautifully designed UA gloves for all black STX mittens pretty early on. Few, if any, Terps used the Under Armour heads, but many players used their shafts and arm pads. The issue seemed to be that the gloves were not tough enough and that the heads were too flimsy.

However, now that Fall Ball is in full effect, we’re beginning to see who is using what, and it looks like Under Armour products are going to be everywhere in College Park this year, and from my own interaction with some of their new products, I can really see why!

I recently got my hands on two newer heads from UA courtesy of a newly sponsored UA player, and I am loving the new designs and products. The “look” of the heads is really solid, and for a second year product, I am truly impressed with the drastic uptick in both quality and manufacturing design.


These heads are so new I don’t even have their names yet!

*the head on top is called the Unleashed, and the head on the bottom is the Charge.

The shape of the heads is excellent, and the stringing options are truly unlimited, especially when it comes to tying down traditional at the throat. The extra holes really do make all the difference in the world! And the best thing? Not one gimmick on either product. Just straight up excellence.


SO many tie down options! Traditional heaven.

Both of these heads are nice and stiff, and if the abuse my brother and I doled out on these are any sort of test, they can take a good beating. I haven’t tried an updated pair of gloves yet, but if most of the Terps are wearing them during Fall Ball, they must be a big step up from last year already!

The first year for a manufacturer of hard goods can be tough, but it definitely seems like UA is attacking year 2 with a vengeance, and we love to see that! As more products become available, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date!