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Uncommon Fit: Hurricane Sandy Relief Shorts

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Hurricane Sandy has left a great amount of devastation along the East coast and its forces are still being felt as people begin to rebuild and go on with their lives. Recently, PJ Martin of the company Uncommon Fit reached out to us with a very moving message about a relief fundraiser their company is doing for his home state of New Jersey. What better way for us to share it, then to give it to you in its entirety.

I appreciate your time in reading the attached message, I am reaching out for your help in a time of major need for my home state. New Jersey is not alone in it’s suffering but it is my focus and the focus of my close friends at this moment.

Yesterday I spent the day helping in Keansburg and it was not pretty. People have lost everything, a lot of people. Long Beach Island or Seaside and the barrier islands are not yet open due to the dangers. My mother and her friends believe one lifelong friend from Ortley Beach is still missing. Not a good situation, then there is New York. Please try to do something if you haven’t already. You know somebody who is affected, it is wide spread.

The outpour of support from individuals in and around Keansburg has been incredible. The high school and middle school have ample donations of food and clothing (they will need more food in a few days). The Red Cross didn’t even show up until later in the day yesterday and FEMA is just getting there tomorrow… It is the individuals in the community who are coordinating all of the efforts there. Amazing.

I’m heading back to Keansburg in the morning and am taking donations made by the faculty member at my alma mater, Peddie School. As with Hurricane Irene last year, the community in which I grew up and until recently made my professional home, has formed a response. This is literally the role modeling I have had in big and small ways my entire life from the time my father moved me on campus there at the age of 2.

Many of you are not able to help directly but I am trying along with my best friends and business partners to create an opportunity for you and for us to be a part of what we hope will be a great effort. We have designed and put out a boardshort, very appropriate for our Jersey Shore, which honors the spirit, strength and resilience of New Jersey and the whole Tri-State area. 100% of the profits will go to charity the individuals and businesses in need. We have yet to determine which agency or non-profit we will use but are closely monitoring the situation and asking for a lot of feedback from people on the frontline. Here is a release so you may understand and be more informed about our goal in this.

Uncommon Fit for Sandy Relief

The ‘We Shore Will’ 4-way Stretch has been created for a purpose. This short was not only designed to raise money but to be a proud marker of New Jersey’s success in overcoming the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy. ‘We Shore Will.’

Some of the UcFit crew are on the front lines helping by sorting, donating, cleaning up, rebuilding. But there is little that we can do alone. Please help our small company make a greater impact.

Uncommon Fit

In Keansburg, NJ cleaning up alongside Governor Chris Christie.

The 5 founders of Uncommon Fit all come from NEW JERSEY. We grew up in East Windsor, Denville, Monroe, Ridgewood and Lacey Township, all across the state, and this state will always be home. Although not all our hometowns were severely affected by HURRICANE SANDY, we all felt it and are feeling it. People around the entire Tri-State area are hurting and many will be in need for some time.

Uncommon Fit

Here is our truth – We started this company two years ago on our teamwork, passion for living an active lifestyle and the few dollars we could muster up. Together we have created a company from the simple idea of a brand that promotes an active, healthy living and values the type of teamwork we believe in. Through our hard work and through the support of people around us we have been able do what we’re passionate about, and now we have the opportunity to give back. None of the 5 of us are capable of giving thousands of dollars to these relief efforts. But by purchasing our ‘We Shore Will’ Relief Fund boardshort, you empower us to do good for our community that has supported us. Continually, we will be looking for your feedback on where to deliver the funds we raise. Please allow us the opportunity to do something greater for our neighbors, friends and family – the good people of NJ.

This short has been created with a purpose.

Incredible effort by PJ and the rest of the crew at Uncommon fit, keep up the great work! Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone back East as they continue the rebuilding and healing process. Definitely check out the Hurricane Sandy Relief Shorts and do what you can to help out.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Flyer