Ugly 2012 NLL Jerseys Revisited: Calgary Roughnecks

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Editor’s Note:  Chris Fox comes over to SSL and in this post he’s poking a little fun at the Roughnecks new jersey by Reebok.  You know those Canadians and their incessant need to keep laughing!  Foxy is no exception.  A little light-hearted fashion commentary coming at you hot and heavy.

In an attempt to find pictures for this post I googled “80’s women’s suit jacket”. After hitting ‘More Images’ twice, something popped out at me that I see day in and day out; men’s and women’s lacrosse gear. The pictures featured women’s lacrosse goggles and men’s arm pads. The photos are from a fashion blog Even though I was searching images for my post on a lacrosse blog, my search had no mention of the sport. Totally random and a crazy coincidence!

Photos courtesy of

model lacrosse gear woman

Just hanging out...

lacrosse women's fashion 80s lax wtf?

Um, ok!

Anyway, NLL jersey photos are what I was really trying to find!  Let’s get to it.

In my last post I graded the new designs of the NLL jerseys for 2012. Calgary received one of the worst grades, a 2 out of 5. They would have received a 1 but they were spared because they kept the primary logo nice and large on the front and came up with a new secondary logo for the shoulders. I WILL give the new look props for rocking the red buckets this year. However, in the past the Riggers have had some of the best looking sweaters in the league. Its too bad they changed it up so drastically. So I decided to beak them even more.

(Editor’s Note: “beak” is Canadian for taunt)

I present to you the new look 2012 Calgary Roughnecks Jerseys:

Calgary Roughnecks 2012 nll jerseys

Ebans! Ha. Still funny.

Here is my flash bang comparison expressed though pictures on just how ridiculous I think these new jerseys are:

Exhibit A:

red woman's dress

Dress suit.

Exhibit B:

women's shirt red

Revolutionary housewife.

They can also be compared to the legendary Members Only Jacket. Even though The MOJ is a killer piece of fashion history, it has no place being on a professional lacrosse floor. Ok, maybe during the intermission!

I'm bad

I'm bad, you know it.

Seriously, you can see the resemblance, right?

And if those weren’t example of how ugly the Riggers jerseys actually are, this comparison is irrefutable:

Stay Puft North Face Man.

The Marty McFly bubble jacket and Micheal J Fox are Canadian beauties…

But even Marty knows better not to step on the carpet wearing this!


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