Trilogy and Under Amour Gear

0 - Published November 9, 2012 by in Custom, Gloves

Time spent in Trilogy’s office in Brooklyn is time well spent. You might see an NLL game stick or two, you might string up a traditional head. It’s possible you’ll even set the scene for a classic duel. One thing is for sure though, you will definitely see some fresh gear, and that’s where Sweet Sweet Lax comes in.

Check out these custom gloves for a Trilogy club team in Texas, the Austin Turbos. The hoodie isn’t too bad looking either. We got to try the gloves on, and they are definitely for real this time around. Great to see!


And the UA swag train doesn’t stop there! Yup, there is more…

That sidewall design is just so aggressive. Like. Check out what the Trilogy MVPs get from Under Armour? Yeah, wow.

UA MVP Gear Package

Those cleats deserve another look…

Highlight Cleat Side View

Perhaps another look at those mittens?


Of course, we snuck some stick stringing in there. Can’t help ourselves.

The quality, and sheer quantities, of the gear over at Trilogy is impressive, and now we can say (for sure) that their move to partner with Under Armour was a great one. Trilogy already offered unique instruction from some of the best in the game… now they’ll also look really good doing it!