Maverik Spider Lacrosse Head

First Look: Traditional Spider Head And A1 Shaft by Maverik Lacrosse

1 - Published July 13, 2012 by in Gear, String Jobs

I was at Maverik Showtime, put on by No Limit Lacrosse, last Wednesday and I was graciously gifted a new Maveirk Spider Head and a Brand New A1 Shaft while I was at the event. I always enjoy checking out new gear, and as I took in some of the early afternoon games, I threw a little traditional string joh in the head, attached the shaft and got to work investigating!

You can expect a full Gear Review (and giveaway!) of the Spider Head towards the end of the month, but for now you get a first look at the universally legal head, and another one of my money traditional string jobs.

The Spider head is wide, and like I said, it is legal for college play as well as high school. Being legal in both means this head has to be as wide as possible, at both the throat and scoop, but if you can string a good pocket, a wider head shouldn’t be a worry! Only bad stringers need a narrow stick to create a perfect channel.

The Spider definitely has some flex to it, but even when I flexed it as far as I could, it didn’t feel like it would snap or break. I could actually see face off guys loving this product along with middies and attack men. I don’t think it’s quite stiff enough for a defenseman, but the wide catching and ground ball area might make it an attractive option.

The sidewall isn’t as loaded with stringing holes as some heads out there, but there are more than enough holes to string any kind of pocket you want, and the sidewall holes go all the way down to the throat, which is a key element to any good head design. Surprisingly, some manufacturers don’t run holes all the way down the sidewall, and this puzzles me to no end.

The Spider is also super aggressive looking. The cutouts in the plastic remove a bit of weight, retain strength in key points, and look cool. It’s an eye-catcher to be sure.

I mounted the head on a new Maverik Lacrosse A1 Shaft, and I’m loving this product so far. The shaft is very light, seems quite strong (so far so good!) and has a nice sandpaper finish for grip. It’s nothing fancy, and there are no migraine-inducing graphics. It’s for the TRUE gamers out there, and I definitely approve of it 100%.

Right now the shaft is available in the silver color seen above, but I saw the A1 shaft in another custom color that might come out… and if it does, I’m ON it. Too bad I was sworn to secrecy on the precise hue, but trust me, it’s a total beauty!

I went out last night and played some wall ball with the stick for about 45 minutes, and I was really impressed by how light the whole set up was. After about 20-30 minutes of wall ball, my shoulders are usually getting sore (thanks box lacrosse!), but last night I went double that and felt great. I haven’t been doing PT, so I’m assuming it was the stick!

Overall, the Spider head is a big step in the right direction for Maverik. It’s more durable than the Juice head, has an improved sidewall pattern, and tries to do something a little different. I’m excited to see our full review, but so far, the Spider heads looks pretty solid.

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