Trading Gear In The Lacrosse Forums

7 - Published December 14, 2011 by in Equipment, Gloves, Lax Nation

A few days ago, we showed you our most recent Gloves of the Week, three pair from Jack Marshall. Well, I was so enamored with the bright yellow New Jersey Pride gloves, that I offered him a trade.

You see, Jack informed me he’d traded for all three pairs of these gloves using The Lacrosse Forums (or TLF, as he put it). I had no idea there was a place dedicated to gear swapping, so I checked it out myself.

Turns out there are literally hundreds of laxrats like me with online galleries full of all the gear they have available for purchase and/or trade, and there are threads advertising what gear other players are looking for. It’s a microcosmic social network of smelly lacrosse gear! Maybe this is old news for some of you, but I think this is a fantastic way to swap out that stuff you haven’t touched in years for something someone else hasn’t touched in years. I was eager to propose a trade to Jack and get my first “TLF” trade on the books. This was my offer:

My original Warrior Blade dyed and strung to my liking...

...and an old Brine Hampton shaft circa 2006/2007

for Jack’s…

...yellow New Jersey Pride Brine Exodus II gloves

It was a match made in heaven. I’m sure we both felt like we got the sweet sweet end of this deal, so we swapped shipping information via e-mail and the rest is history. I received the gloves today and they’re as “practically brand new” as advertised, and Jack also shot me an e-mail telling me he’d received my package.

The one thing the website doesn’t provide is a service for the exchange, like say eBay does, although you can receive a rating from other users to prove you’re reputable. I would definitely give Jack Marshall a +1.

The whole thing is exceptionally informal but I think that’s what makes it sort of charming. There is a lot of fluff to scroll through sometimes, which is the nature of any forum, and a lot of the pictures you can’t see unless you’re a member (which I haven’t bothered with yet). However, the For Sale/For Trade thread gives you pretty unfettered access to a great wealth of used lacrosse equipment and the owners who are willing to trade them away for the right deal. I encourage everyone to check it out before the season starts and see if you can’t turn one man’s trash into another’s treasure.


What do you think? Who came out on top? Are you gonna go collect your old gear and see what you can swap for it?

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