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Trad-Ish Lacrosse Goalie Pocket: Mesh And Traditional Stringing

0 - Published July 10, 2012 by in Stick Tech, String Jobs

Editor’s Note: Eric Force was kind enough to provide a Goalie Traditional Tutorial last week, and it was clearly a superhuman effort to get that huge traditional done. Now Eric is back with his Trad-Ish Goalie Pocket, which combines the use of a regular piece of mesh, and some traditional stringing techniques.

When it comes to stringing heads, Eric isn’t focused on making the head look pretty, he just wants it to WORK! The fact that they do look pretty? it’s simply an added bonus!


I wanted to find a way to use a piece of regular hard mesh, from a regulation field head, in my goalie stick. Since I had just strung up a traditional pocket in one head, I figured that I should stick with the traditional vibe, at least in some sense. It’s Trad-Ish.

goalie mesh traditional lacrosse trad-ish

I picked up four leathers, and got to thinking and planning. I guess you could use a piece of goalie mesh instead, and weave the leathers through it, but I had a lot of left over crosslace… and I didn’t want to be wasteful, so this pocket seemed like a natural way to go.

Here are some simple instructions on how to string the Trad-Ish Goalie Pocket:

1) Weave the leathers through the sides of the mesh.
2) Place the center of the mesh where you’d like the center of your pocket.
3) Run the top string over the top of the mesh leaving a gap between the mesh and the head, assuming you don’t want a SUPER high pocket. It’s kind of like the Iroquois Top String.

goalie mesh traditional lacrosse trad-ish
4) Start with the sidewall strings. Keep them as tight to the head as possible.
5) Pull out about 5 arm lengths of cross lace
6) Begin stringing like you would string traditional normally on the sidewall.
7) When you get to the top of the mesh, treat the loops to the head as anchors – and REMEMBER to keep these as tight to the top string on the mesh as possible.
8) After you finish with the crosslace, you will  probably need to “web-up” the bottom, unless you like a very low pocket.

goalie mesh traditional lacrosse trad-ish
9) Tight or loose, just string up to fill the gaps however you you need - the mesh in the middle will allow for a much deeper pocket with more control, and a more pronounced channel than a pure traditional might.

goalie mesh traditional lacrosse trad-ish

EN: Thanks again to Eric Force for the great write up and creative thinking when it comes to lacrosse goalie pockets! We can’t wait to see this thing in action next year in Prague! For more great lax stringing, simply check out our Traditional Lacrosse Pocket Archive.

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