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Top 10 Lacrosse Heads From Recent Memory

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I recently asked a bunch of friends, lacrosse legends, and even some has-beens what their favorite head was, and the results were very interesting.  It didn’t matter what head they were using now, or what their first stick was… I just wanted their favorite of all-time when measured against other heads of that era.  Which head were they MOST excited to use, at the time?

1) Brine Edge- The one head to rule them all.  How could it not be #1 on this list???  There was a time when the vast majority of D1 players used an Edge, and it changed the game forever.  The Edge was strong, stiff, fully off-set and the first truly elite head.  Almost every head on the list below owes its very existence to the Edge.  Ryan and Mikey Powell used them, Rory Baldini (Woozle!) still uses one and if you played lax in the 90s or early 2000s, you most likely owned at least one.

Mike Powell Nicky Polanco Brine Edge

Mikey Powell AND Nicky Polanco using Brine Edges

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2) STX Proton – The Proton still exists in a couple different forms, but the OG Proton was legit.  It was STX’s first Canted head, and pushed the offset revolution to new heights.  The Proton was a favorite on Loyola teams, and many of the Hounds’ stick featured Pita Pockets as well.

3) Warrior Evolution – Remember when the Edge was used by something like 90% of NCAA Division 1 players?  Man, that was crazy!  I didn’t think we’d ever see anything like that again, but the Evolution comes close.  Look at any college lacrosse team nowadays, and there is a good chance that a lot of players will be rocking the Evo.  Kevin Owens still swears by the Evo, and refuses to dye anything else!

4) STX Excalibur – A classic head.  It was wide enough for GBs and catching, but narrow enough at the throat to have good channel in the pocket.  The double sidewall holes allowed for great custom stringing options, and the head lives on today in the X10.  Mike Brand is a big fan of the excalibur and now the X10, as both an O and D head.  Can’t say we disagree!!!  The Excalibur was the last of the great non off-set heads.

5) Warrior Revolution – This was my first offset head that wasn’t an Edge.  Jeff Brunelle swore by them up until last year (and it’s still his head of choice now) and Chris Drouin, who you will hear more from soon on LAS, still loves the Revo Pro 2.0.  Rich Sharp, a star laxer at Gettysburg College in the early 2000s swore by the Revolution in college.

6) Warrior Razer – This was Chris Massey’s go to in the MLL, and he’s still using one today!  I also used this head when I was a college coach, and it was just begging for that perfect pocket!  Grayson Connors, an All-American at Wesleyan, also swore by the head.

7) Mohawk Mission – The Mission was probably the most indestructible head ever created.  It was like an Edge, but so much tougher.  A heavier head, it was also the choice of John Tavares in the NLL for years until he was forced to use a Reebok stick because of league rules.

8) Brine Cyber – Mike Hines (All-American at Wesleyan ’07)  just wrote, “Cyber. Bam”.  Couldn’t agree more!  Great head for an offensive player, light, and lots of holes for custom stringing.

9) Gait Torque - The Torque is the best head Gait has ever made.  Fully off-set, narrow and a TON of stringing holes.  The Torque is popular in the box game and amongst players who like a deep, tight channel.  The Torque stands alone as Gait’s top head of all-time.

10) Warrior Blade – The choice of FoGos everywhere!  From Alex Smith to Jerry Ragonese, this stick still commands respect at the face-off square.  But it wasn’t limited to that!  David Ogle, (Willamette) was a big fan of it as an offensive stick too.

So what do you guys think?  Do these heads make an appearance on your Top 10 list?  Let us have it and tell us what we missed, if anything!


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