To Dye For: LaxAllSharks Lacrosse Head

2 - Published May 29, 2012 by in Dye Jobs, String Jobs

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Jimmy Ciccone over to Sweet Sweet Lax! Jimmy has stopped by SSL to show off an amazing new dye job he got done for this Summer’s lax scene!

Being a South Jersey local, I like to visit the beach regularly with the essentials, and that of course, includes a lacrosse stick.  As you may or may not know, however, the sand has the potential to ruin your pocket after a while. One beach lacrosse tourney plus some casual tossing, and eventually my summer was over and my pocket was crap. So this year I decided to put together a stick strictly for the beach and beach lacrosse.

I knew I wanted to do a LaxAllSharks themed head but with all the options of dyers and stringers, where was I to go? I quickly decided to turn to my friend and face-off man for Penn State Club Lax, Andy Aumiller.

Andy recently started his own stringing and dying business called Grade A Dyeing and Stringing, so I figured I’d give him a shot at a LaxAllSharks dye. We talked a bit about what I wanted and he said he had a few ideas of his own he wanted to do. The final product… well… I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

laxallsharks dye

They’ve provided me with a head that will be sure to turn heads this Summer at Beach Lacrosse. All I need is the incredible jerseys we already have planned to go with it.  Soon enough! Don’t forget to go like LaxAllSharks Facebook page so we can give you guys sneak peeks at our uniforms AND give away one of our uniform sets from last year!

Below is a little more Grade A work.  There’s something for everyone: men’s heads, girls heads, goalie heads, etc. Make sure you get your dyed head strung by this guy too. I showed him my current lax head and how it’s strung, and he replicated it to perfection. I did not have to adjust it all.

A dye in honor of our THON kid who we consider one of our own. Last year the Penn State Club Lax team raised $57,000 alone in the fight against pediatric cancer. #TeamDustin

Grade A Dying and Stringing will provide mock ups and my boy does great work.  Check him out!

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