Throne Of String Cancer “Fighter” Mesh

2 - Published October 11, 2012 by in Dye Jobs, Gear, Stick Tech, String Jobs

Throne of String’s monthly limited edition mesh continues to expand in quality, technique, and purpose. Last month’s LE mesh raised money for blood cancer. This month’s offering builds on that foundation. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Throne Of String’s Limited Edition “Fighter Mesh” will be donating to the cause.

Throne of String Fighter Mesh

This LE mesh is titled “Fighter” because of its pink, purple, and white camouflage design. Joseph, the man behind ToS, wanted to illustrate the iconic colors in a militaristic fashion to show the toughness of those fighting this disease. Pink is used as the main color of the mesh because it is the color of Breast Cancer awareness. Purple is used as a secondary color to represent the awareness of all cancers.

Throne of String Fighter Mesh

50 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer Research. For more information on Breast Cancer and how to get involved, please see

Throne of String Fighter Mesh

All of these products are available on To see Joseph walk you through his creation above, check out the video below:

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