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Thiel College Lacrosse Gear

1 - Published December 15, 2010 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves

Shem Johnston-Bloom is the Head Lacrosse Coach at D3 Thiel College in Pennsylvania.  He only started playing lacrosse in college at Wesleyan (where he was also a great football player) but he took to the game with a real passion and has the makings of a really solid coach.  The sky is the limit for this guy and Erin Quinn, of Middlebury 3-peat National Championship fame, is proof that you don’t have to have played lacrosse to be a great coach.  Heck, Mike Daly of Tufts played BASEBALL in college and he just coached Tufts to the National Championship!

I’m pretty sure these Gait Lacrosse gloves are their gamers for 2011 because this is their first season as a varsity team, but I do like the large TOMCATS across the cuff.  I don’t love Gait gloves in general but these are actually pretty decent.  Good job to Thiel for making the best of a tough situation!

Thiel College Lacrosse Gloves Gait

Shiny purple and gold. Tomcats in bold!

And I wouldn’t mind having something like this to play Winter and early Spring lax in!  Every northern college should have a bubble over their turf field in the Winter.  Let your students be active (and not freezing) all Winter!

Thiel College PA dome bubble turf


We hope to have more stuff from Thiel in the coming weeks.  Keep an eye on these guys.  Could be an up and comer!

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