flow attachment ConBroChill connor martin

The Other Side Of The Great Flow Debate

2 - Published November 22, 2011 by in Helmets, Random Stuff
flow attachment ConBroChill connor martin

This Is Real?

Connor Wilson declared that the only good flow is real flow, and even went so far as to say that it was a steadfast rule.  Of course, Connor Martin disagrees.  He’s more of a flow at all costs kind of guy…  Or he isn’t.  Honestly, it’s hard to tell with all that succulent irony thrown in there.  Is Chapman like the Wesleyan of the West Coast?  Or is that Pomona?  Are Connor and Connor the same person?  No.  CW has a mustache, and CM is a much better lacrosse player.  Sweet Laxer was almost confused there.

Anyway, the one and only Con Bro Chill is renowned for his flow, and clearly wanted to make that renown available to all the little laxers out there and the Flow Attachment aka flowtachment was born.  Being the hipster music & media mogul that he is, CBC created a video for the product, and it’s hysterical.  Even if you hate flow (real or fake) you’ll find this funny.  Or you won’t.  But only if you don’t like irony.  Get in on the joke!

So how valuable is this flow?  1 MILLION DOLLARS.  Seriously!   Well maybe not seriously, again with the irony.. we can’t really tell if you could actually buy one for a million bucks.  Of course there is another way to get one, and that’s by buying two CBC T-shirts and using the code “Flowchuga”.  Say what you want overall, but the coupon code is pure gold.

Good to see CBC has a good sense of self-effacing humor as well.  I think he knows, deep down, that good flow is real flow.  Perhaps the Flowtachment is just like a gateway drug and CBC wants to get the kids hooked?  He’s a longhair pusherman!

flow attachment ConBroChill connor martin


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