Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco


1 - Published October 4, 2011 by in Lax Nation, Random Stuff

Many of you have probably heard that The GOAT (AKA Greatest of All Time) is playing in the LXMPro event in Philly this upcoming Sunday. Well in his honor, yesterday, during a walking adventure in San Francisco, my former teammate and I found THE GWOAT (AKA Greatest Wall of All Time). I had such a good time throwing around in this place that I felt the need to share it with you. Take a look.

Entrance to the park

Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

Greg manning the GWOAT Gate

BTBs. All. Stinkin'. Day.

...and people try to tell me there are better places to live than California.

I think the next time I come back to the GWOAT, it will be to make the GVOAT (Greatest Video of All Time) with a couple hundred little laxers from all over Nor Cal…what do you think?

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