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The Greatest Stick Collection Known To Man

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the ones below are no exception. These photos show SSL contributor Dan Willson‘s personal stick collection, and boy oh boy is a sight to see.

Awesome Lacrosse Stick Collection

Jealous? Well, please know you’re not the only one. The number of traditional string jobs and old school heads in these photos are beyond impressive. You just don’t find a collection like this everyday, and therefore we’re dubbing it The Greatest Stick Collection Known To Man.

Another view of the collection

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UPDATED ON APRIL 6, 2011 BY DAN: Here is a catalog of what is posted in the second photo. Reading the photo like a book (I.E. starting top left to top right):

Spools, spools, spools… I realized after I posted the photo that I did not empty the container of sidewall, so that’s about a dozen spools short.

Four red-and-white Warrior Outlaws. These were $20 complete sticks at the end of the season two years ago – great for a coach to loan out (and not worry about if they don’t return intact) and perfect to showcase various pockets. Pocket variations: hard-mesh Coach’s RP Special with saddle, soft-mesh Coach’s RP special pocket without saddle, 8-diamond traditional (standard crosslace), and 6-diamond Jimalax mesh.

One black-yellow-and-red Warrior Outlaw with 8-diamond traditional (paracord crosslace). This was a dying experiment that I liked so much it became my coaching stick for this season. It has a mahogany-ash-mahogany composite wood shaft made by MLL/NLL player John Ortolani’s father, Rick (AKA an “Orto Stick”). Sure, the Outlaw is a beginner’s head but it feels like an 80s-90s head to this old man.

One white Warrior Penetrator box head on a red-stained Hickory Lacrosse shaft. Strung with SportStop Canadian mesh.

One black STX Laser-Hiwall head (no shaft) with an 80s “Brine Meditional” (mesh channel, traditional outsides) pocket kit. One of my first stringings, this is one of the few heads to survive high school (probably because it was my backup).

One dark pink STX Thrash and light pink Warrior Tantrum (women’s sticks). My fiancée learned to play in PE using men’s sticks, so she wanted to check out what she’s been missing.

One unstrung Warrior Outlaw head – LAS contributor Muamer passed it forward, so I’ll probably dye it, string it, and pass it forward again (Outlaw overload going on here).

One unstrung black STX Sam (revision two) head. I always wanted an STX Barney, Sam, or earlier “open-throat” stick.

The Broslayer: white Warrior Noz with a deerskin crosslace traditional on an ash-mahogany-ash “Orto Stick” handle. This one was featured on LAS a while back.

“Darth Maul” red-and-black glue dye STX AV8 (pocket not finished). I traded one of my players two years ago when he broke his slump using my stick – so I dyed this, started stringing it, and never finished. It has an unusual channel that I’m not sure how to finish as a two-leather custom – maybe I should post close-ups here and solicit ideas?

One Princeton-dyed Brine Shotgun (faded tan/white/brown) from Ulman Lacrosse with an original Ulman traditional pocket. I miss Ulman Lacrosse…

One orange Brine Shotgun with a Coach’s RP Special pocket using SportStop Canadian mesh on a Brine Swizzbeat handle. Something old, something new… This is my fiancée’s favorite stick to use when we throw around at the park.

One red unstrung Brine Superlight 2+2 on an ash-mahogany-ash “Orto Stick” handle. I used a setup like this my junior hear of high school, so this will be a post-season project.

One STX Xcalibur with 8-diamond traditional pocket in Maryland colors (no shaft) – this one was featured on LAS a while back.

One red Superlight II head (unstrung) and one blue Superlight II head (unstrung). My first stick was an SL2, so I’m partial to the design.

One factory green Brine Superlight II with MadLax Canadian Mesh on an original Brine hickory handle.

One dyed green STX Turbo with an original Coach’s RP Special pocket. Scoop is dyed “Willson” because it was my father’s 55th birthday present. The handle is from my first stick (standard Brine 80s aluminum shaft).

One white Brine Shotgun (unstrung) head and one navy blue Brine Shotgun (unstrung) head. I’m partial to Shotguns because that’s what I used for LSM and defense in high school.

One red STX Laser Hi-wall with original factory traditional pocket. Yes, the big names used to sell trades until about 10 years ago. I’m partial to the Laser Hi-wall because it’s what I used as a midfielder in high school.

One black-white-red dyed STX Laser-Hiwall on a hickory shaft with an Ulman Lacrosse “Ul-mesh” pocket (mesh with four longitudinal nylon runners). My brother traded someone for this or had it made custom “back in the day,” I’m not sure which but it’s mine now.

One black STX Laser-Hiwall head with original factory pocket (no shaft). This one looks like it was never used.

One red Superlight II head (unstrung), one white Superlight 2+2 head (unstrung). and another red Superlight II head (unstrung).

One purple (faded original royal blue) STX Sam with original factory traditional on a hickory STX women’s shaft. Back in the 80s, the only difference between a men’s stick and a women’s stick was typically the lack of a pocket – when I find a dowelled men’s shaft, this is getting a sex change operation (pocket adjustment).

One green Brine PL-66 with factory traditional (no shooters) on an original Brine wood shaft (hickory or oak?) and one yellow Brine PL-66 with custom Doerr pocket on original Brine aluminum shaft.

Two Patterson women’s woodies: one adult size (red crosslace) and one youth size (yellow crosslace).

One black Brine Superlight II head (unstrung) and one blue Brine Superlight II head (unstrung).

Two Etienne box woodies: an Etienne-Martin (all-leather traditional pocket) and a Super Deluxe (nylon crosslace traditional pocket).

Two Bacharach-Rasin field oodles: the old guys know what’s up with these. One has a paper label (newer), the other has a woodburnt label (much older). Both are cracked, so I’ll replace the missing or dry-rotten leather and hang them in the living room or dining room. Still looking for one from a scrupulous eBay seller (“Nah, these aren’t cracked…”).

One Lancer Products woody from Cornwall, Canada – can anyone tell me more about this one?

One white Gait Shockwave head (unstrung).

One Brine Edge with 10-diamond traditional pocket (paracord crosslace) on a Gait titanium-alloy defense pole.

One STX Goalmaster from the 90s. I was going to string a traditional to a nylon-topstring so I only use 6 leathers, but I see in old catalogs that Brine and STX did these in 7-leather traditionals – so I’m thinking of doing an “Ish” center channel in a traditional using double-traditional interlocks.

One camo Tribe7 Savage7 head with a pita-channeled Coach’s RP Special pocket (hard mesh) on a mahogany-ash-mahogany “Orto Stick” handle.

One Powless Lacrosse six-foot defensive woody. This was one of the last two that were available.

One goalie woody with all-leather traditional pocket of unknown origin — any ideas?

A rainbow of Jimalax 10-diamond mesh – pulling out and displaying the other kinds of mesh just didn’t look right.


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