From Loyal Game Grower Andrew Ratzke

The Endless Traditional Summer

1 - Published August 30, 2012 by in Equipment, Stick Tech, String Jobs

We refuse to admit that Summer is drawing to a close, and in our willful ignorance, we have decided to let the traditional summer go on! Plus, we know with all the new stick rules going into effect next year, there will be a lot of people making the switch from mesh back to traditional. We want to make sure you get plenty of opportunities to pick out (and string up!) your next weapon of choice.

Loyal LAS Game Grower Andrew Ratzke recently strung up this Pita Pocket in his stick for his new coaching gig this season. Nicely done Andrew!

From Loyal Game Grower Andrew Ratzke

From Loyal Game Grower Andrew Ratzke

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That is some EXTREMELY impressive work! If you want YOUR traditional work shown off, just holler at us and we’ll make sure it gets up on the ol’ internet! Inspired to start stringing your own traditional? Check out our Traditional Stringing Tutorials Archives:

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Summer may be over or ending, but the traditional stringing obsession will roll on. Are you in?