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The BEST Helmet Of 2012: Matte Black Cascade!

12 - Published February 8, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Helmets

You can either get a custom colored matte helmet, OR you can get a Cascade.  That was true for a year or two, but it looks like the matte black cat is out of the bag.  And that’s only the beginning!  This helmet is straight up custom, and it does NOT disappoint.  Ready for the best helmet of 2012?  Get ready.  You might have a heart attack.


Um, really? Wow.

Let’s check that out again.  But this time, enhance… enhance… enhance… ENOUGH!


Holy Chrome Matte Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.


Cascade does NOT make matte black helmets.  I repeat: CASCADE DOES NOT MAKE MATTE BLACK HELMETS.

So how did they get them done?  They took them to a custom shop, of course!  At least that’s what I’m assuming.  If you saw the Facebook photo here, you know I’m right.  If you checked out our post on Florida Lacrosse, which showcased the FIRST matte black Cascade, you know I’m right.

I have no idea what the cost was to get these done, but I do know that these are the prettiest helmets I’ve seen in a while.  It’s like if the Denver Outlaws were a minor league team, and these were the top league team’s helmet.  The custom orange chrome chin pieces simply crush it.  Add in a chrome mask, and chromed plastic pieces on other parts of the helmet and you have perfection.

Word on the street is that Oregon State will wear these helmets on Feb 18th and 19th against UCLA and Stanford respectively.  Now we have to wonder if the cross-state rivals, the Oregon Ducks, will answer the challenge?

We love our anonymous tipsters.  Booyakasha!


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