The Best Butt End Available Right Now

3 - Published October 24, 2012 by in Stick Tech

Butt end caps are the bane of many a lacrosse player’s existence, at least if they want to maintain a legal stick for high school or college. The caps often slide off the stick and if they are rubber, the metal can eventually cut through the base of the cap. For us old men it does not really matter, but for the younger players out there? Not good.

I finally had the chance to check out Gait’s Cork End Cap, which has been available for a while now, and all of a sudden I’m not worried about any of the above issues. Plus I can save on tape costs. Allow me to explain…

This end cap is a two piece deal. The cap itself slides over the side of the shaft on the outside, and four rubber coated prongs go into the inside of the shaft. Once that is in place, another piece of plastic gets jammed up in to the end cap to expand the rubber prongs, and then it’s pretty much set in stone. This end cap is NOT moving!

The shape of the Cork End Cap is like a donut you might tape on to your stick, but unlike tape, it’s not going anywhere, ever. I had never used one of these before a week or two ago, but already I’m a big fan. Definitely a product worth giving a shot. See below for how it works in visual form:

And… done.

We’ll have more Gait product to check out in the coming weeks. How much more? This much more:

Will all the shafts and heads live up to the unprecedented hype of the Gait Cork End Cap? Our Gear Review team will be sure to let you know.