St. Johns Lacrosse backpanel

The Best BackPanel Of 2011 Lacrosse

8 - Published April 8, 2011 by in Custom, Equipment, Helmets

St. John’s used to rock a white backpanel with the outline of New York City on their red helmets.  They ditched that look, which was a mistake, and went to a more stock option.  But this weekend, at the Big City Classic, they not only won their game, but also embraced their NYC location with a skyline backpanel.

St. Johns Lacrosse backpanel

Can you see it?

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Ryan Demorest of InsideLacrosse got the FULL scoop (with a ton of great pictures) on the backpanel at the BCC and you can see it all over on Inside Lacrosse.  But before you head over there… does this backpanel remind you of anything?  Perhaps a certain not for profit organization bringing lax to the City of New York?  Perhaps it does.

Citylax logo

CityLax logo.

Either way… it was about time!  That was just a backpanel waiting to be the best in the biz.  And I think this one measures up.  Plus I’ve been asking them to do this for months now.  Phew!  One more thing to check off the bucket list.

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