The Adrenaline Black Card Treatment

0 - Published June 19, 2013 by in Equipment, Uniforms

Today on Sweet Sweet Lax, we bring you an up close look at the “Adrenaline Treatment” players received at last summer’s Black Card Showcase. For a deeper look into the event, including an interview with a few of the Class of 2016 players, click here.

Adrenaline Black Card Showcase Lacrosse Gear

All custom, all the time. If you’re a high school lacrosse player with an infatuation for gear, you might want to try to add this event to your calendar next year! Players at the showcase received custom Black Card uniforms by Adrenaline, Rome lacrosse gloves by Maverik, and a brand new R helmet by Cascade.

All players were color coordinated based on which class they were in, 2015′s sporting black mitts and matte black domes and 2016′s with gray mitts and matte grey domes.

Adrenaline Black Card Showcase Lacrosse Gear

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