Tennessee Alumni Team Smokey Helmets

2 - Published October 19, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Helmets

The Tennessee Alumni team will be taking on the current UT team this friday night in some Alumni Fall Ball Action, and they will be doing so in serious style. The guys picked up these impressive “Smokey” helmets, which feature the UT mascot, Smokey, emblazoned large and in charge across the side of the lid.

Tennessee alumni lacrosse helmet

That is one SWEET lid!

The Tennessee Volunteers have long had a Bluetick Coonhound lead the football team out to home games, and the school has both a live Smokey (the 9th!), and a costume version of Smokey, in which crazed fans can support their school.

Smokey has been the UT mascot since 1953 when students voted for a new school symbol. A number of native Tennessee dogs were presented, but when “Smokey” went up, he let out a howl, the students cheered and the rest was history. At least according to Wikipedia.

We love seeing the UT alums trying to keep it fresh. Success! After the alumni game Friday, their will be a tailgate on Saturday, and the UT memories will just keep on coming.