Team Talon Easton Raptor Helmet

2012 Team Talon Easton Raptor Helmet

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These helmets have been around the youth and HS tournament circuit lately, so when I caught Northern California youth standout Payton St. Geme rocking his this weekend, I had to bring the funk to Sweet Sweet Lax.

You may have seen this helmet on Team Talon before, in its matte black release look. More uncommonly, you might catch Easton principals Blake and Cort Kim rocking their uniquely painted Raptor lids at tournaments and pick up games with Barbary Coast and the Crease Monkeys. But now that the Easton Raptor helmet is on the market, retail-status, it is not uncommon to see the matte black helmet being rocked by individual youth players who thought it was the coolest looking helmet at the store. They might be right.


Team Talon Easton Raptor Helmet

Northern California standout Payton St. Geme and his Easton Raptor helmet from Team Talon

But when Team Talon returned to the tournament scene this year, they changed their helmet situation in two important ways:

1) They went white. Initially I predicted any other color BUT the matte black would make the helmet look strange (and with some of the two tone color combos I think I was right), but I think the design concept of this new white helmet was a real success. The decals were all done by friend of the site, HeadWrapz. These kids look good. And

2) they let the kids keep the helmets this time. At the Treasure Island tournament this summer in San Francisco, the Talon U15 team–despite winning the U17 bracket–could not keep their helmets because they were not released to the general public. Now that the matte black look is commonplace in your local store, you’ll find these white numbers in kids’ bags all over Northern California.

Kian Reno, Easton Talen

Standout midfielder Kian Reno rocking Easton's release look

Easton principals, Blake and Cort Kim

Easton principals, Blake and Cort Kim in Hawaii