Tassel Me This, Tassel Me That

3 - Published December 27, 2010 by in Kicks

Just some quick inspiration for you from the back of the fashion catalog. Everyone is so hyped up about chrome and now we’re even seeing chrome cleats. But what most people refuse to accept is that there’s nothing really different with chrome other than the color. Chrome is just a shiny COLOR. It’s not different.

A chrome STX Power is still an STX Power. Chrome Nike Speed TD’s are still Nike Speed TD’s.

Where’s the product change? Why not add a tassel to that cleet or a slight design tweak on that sidewall?

Just a thought.

Harnessing somewhat of a tribal approach to the simple Fabre Light silhouette, the sneakers come in a buttery cream upper and outfitted with tassels along lace lining and heel. Featuring bright red inner lining and a unique open heel, the collaboration will be available starting next month exclusively at Ontisuka retailers.

via Hypebeast

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