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First Look: LIU Post Gear Explosion!

0 - Published March 6, 2013 by in Gear

Brandon Bertone of the CW Post LIU Post Pioneers sent me a couple pics of what the Pioneers will be wearing this season. Fun Fact: LIU Post formally and often referred to as CW Post is named after breakfast cereal inventor Charles William Post.

Gait Recon XL Lacrosse Head

Gear Review: Recon XL Head by Gait Lacrosse

0 - Published February 1, 2013 by in Equipment, Stick Tech

Dan Bargholz is back with another gear review. This time he checks out the Recon XL Head by Gait Lacrosse.

SC55 Attack Shaft by Gait Lacrosse

Gear Review: SC55 Attack Shaft by Gait Lacrosse

0 - Published January 29, 2013 by in Lax Nation

Please welcome Dan Bargholz to the Lacrosse All Stars family! Dan will be reviewing gear for us throughout 2013 and is starting off with this Gait SC55 handle.

Gear Review: Saber Head by Gait Lacrosse

0 - Published January 8, 2013 by in Equipment, Stick Tech

Despite initial visual impressions, the Gait Saber passes this Gear Review with a solid score, especially for defensemen.

Gear Review: ICE and ICE Scandium Shafts by Gait Lacrosse

2 - Published January 4, 2013 by in Equipment, Gear, Stick Tech

Kevin Rowen reviews and compares the ICE and ICE Scandium shafts by Gait Lacrosse.

Gait Lacrosse Torque

Gear Review: Torque Head by Gait Lacrosse

1 - Published November 30, 2012 by in Gear, Stick Tech

The Gait Torque, a classic by now, gets the Gear Review action from Connor Wilson, who has a long history with this product. Let’s get intimate.

The Best Butt End Available Right Now

3 - Published October 24, 2012 by in Stick Tech

Ok, it’s settled. Gait’s Cork End Cap is the end cap to end all end caps. Your lacrosse stick will thank you if you give this thing a shot, and evidently, it comes in neon.

Custom Traditional from Sling-It Lacrosse’s Jambler

2 - Published March 16, 2012 by in Equipment, Gear, Stick Tech, String Jobs

I received an interesting text message from the Jambler, stick-stringing guru at Sling-It Lacrosse in California. Could my long-time stringing partner be going to the dark side? Take a look at the Gait Torque he strung recently.

Gait University of Virginia

Gait Lacrosse Dakota Glove Drop – UVA, VMI, Hartford, Queen’s College

0 - Published January 30, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves, Lax Nation

Gait Lacrosse’s new Dakota glove is finding its way into some serious lacrosse programs in 2012. Whether these gloves are a continuation of an existing sponsorship or just a new equipment choice, each one looks good in its own right. I’ve never tried a pair of Gait gloves and can’t wait to hear from these […]

Lindenwood Gait Recon lacrosse glove 2012

Lindenwood Gait Recon Lacrosse Gloves: White and Gold

1 - Published January 30, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gear, Gloves

More awesome gloves for 2012! Lindenwood makes the jump from the MCLA to NCAA Division 2 and they have new Gait Recon gloves to prove it!

Gait G11 Helmet – Does This Thing Really Exist?

10 - Published November 12, 2011 by in Equipment, Helmets, Lax Nation

Cody Hart got all excited for the Gait G11 to drop this year, but it looks like that isn’t going to happen. Will it drop in 2013? There is some pretty cool tech at work if it ever does come out!!!!!

Gait Shockwave Lacrosse Head giveaway

Win a Gait Shockwave!

0 - Published March 21, 2011 by in Dye Jobs, Promotions, String Jobs

Interested in winning a custom dyed and strung old school Gait Shockwave head from LAS?

Thiel College Lacrosse Gloves Gait

Thiel College Lacrosse Gear

1 - Published December 15, 2010 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves

Sweet Sweet Lax has got some shiny Gait Lacrosse gloves from Thiel College in Pennsylvania just for your viewing pleasure.

The Purple Beast by Nik Lund

4 - Published December 5, 2010 by in Dye Jobs, String Jobs

The Purple Beast head strung by Nik Lund for Spencer Smith.