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Sweet Traditional Lacrosse String Job

0 - Published January 18, 2011 by in Equipment, Stick Tech, String Jobs

Editor’s note: Josh Rottman has either posted or sent over some amazing lacrosse related material on Sweet Sweet Lax as well as  He has been an outspoken proponent of real Pocket 34 mesh string jobs but all the talk on LAS about traditional recently, has him thinking he wants to try it our for himself.

I’m a P34 guy, but I went out on a limb this season and I asked Lyle over at Shooterz Lacrosse to string me up this beauty. I haven’t received it yet, but I can’t wait to try it. I’ve never tried traditional as an actual game stick, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s all about. This quote from Michael Watson makes me feel confident with my traditional purchase though:

“Pocket 34 enabled me to transition from a traditionally leather strung pocket to mesh seamlessly without sacrificing the characteristics I preferred in the traditional system.”

I’m sure it works in reverse too.

Further, I think the P34 suffers the same environmental problems as any other pocket, but it doesn’t claim to do otherwise.  I’d be hard-pressed to imagine a pocket that doesn’t change in the rain in at least one respect, and I’d be even more hard-pressed to imagine a stick stringer who thought he had a consistent solution.

Shooterz Lacrosse traditional pocket lax

That is one perfect looking string job.


Good stuff, Josh!

As a bonus to those that actually read the post… if you’re looking for a discounted lacrosse goal, go to the LaxZone where they’re selling them for under $100.  Not bad at all!  You too could have a backyard field!

Backyard goal for cheap at the Lax Zone.

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