Lax All Stars Grab Bag

Sweet Sweet Grab Bag

1 - Published September 22, 2011 by in Promotions, Random Stuff

When I read about the LAS Grab Bag deal they were kicking out, I jumped all over the offer. $20 bucks for the chance to get a bag of goods worth like 5 times that… hard to pass up. I mean, the shades and socks alone are worth more than $20 so you would be sort of crazy to skip out.

From the sounds of things, Jeff and the LAS gear crew were slammed with orders and sold out pretty quick. Mine shipped real fast and when I broke into it I was stoked to get my hands on one of the grab bags with an added bonus.

Lax All Stars Grab Bag

The essentials!

In addition to an American Revolution tee, a set of Woozle socks, a sweet pair of never before seen Man Bro Bro Man shades, some stickers, and even some airheads (ha!), my bag had a brand new Maverik (my brand of choice) Vision head in it.

Lax All Stars Grab Bag

Not gunna lie, this made my day!

The Vision couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been dreaming up a Sweet Sweet string job that I can’t wait to test out. Check back soon for the string job and a Sweet Sweet How-To!

(Editor’s note: Miss out on this month’s LAS Grab Bag deal? Reserve your October Grab Bag here!)