Sweet Sweet Gloves of the Week: Coors Light “Silver Bullet” K18s

5 - Published December 23, 2011 by in Equipment, Gloves

Editor’s note: The Sweet Sweet Gloves of the Week series continues! Nominate your own pair here.

This week we chose one pair of the three gloves Tim submitted to us. But not only does he have the gloves for each of these respected programs, he has the helmets too, and even a set of armpads. The Coors Light gear was made for a team out of North Carolina that was lucky enough to pick up a sponsorship from the brewing bigwigs. The Riptide gear is “from a friend,” and Tim attributes the Maryland fit to a “secret source.” It’s all very cryptic.

Check out this rare collection of stuff to play in:

Coors Light "Silver Bullet" STX K18s

Maryland STX K18s

LA Riptide Brine Exodus IIs, the same glove I traded for last week

Well, I know which set brought the keg to the gear party...

Tim – we owe you some LAS Stickers!


Got a pair to nominate for Sweet Sweet Gloves of the Week?



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