Stylin Strings find chuck

Stylin Strings “Find Chuck” Contest!

1 - Published November 28, 2011 by in Dye Jobs, Lax Nation, Promotions, Random Stuff, Stick Tech, String Jobs

Stylin Strings find chuck

Here is the game everyone!!! Stylin’ Strings Lacrosse has hidden their mascot, Chuck Pockets (seen above), throughout their facebook photos.  The first contestant to find all 9 “Chucks” wins a free Stylin’ Strings Custom Lacrosse Pocket of their choice and a one color glue or fade dye job!  All you have to do is win, and then send a head in, and SS will send you back a dyed and strung head!  Pretty sweet deal…  especially for those readers out there who want a traditional stick but can’t string one themselves!

DO NOT POST THE ANSWERS ON THEIR PAGE, or else other contestants may use your information to win!  Send all entries to noreply@stylinstrings.cominstead!  SS will notify the winner and we’ll make the announcement once someone finds all 9 Chucks!

Stylin Strings find chuck

Not Chuck, Chuck, Not Chuck. Got it?

For the full rules, see below and get to finding Chuck!

– All contestants must be fans of both pages (Stylin’ Strings Lacrosse & Those who are not fans of both will be disqualified!

– All contest entries must be submitted to

– All contest entries must provide the web address of EACH photo.

– Contestants may enter as many times as they like.

– All contest entries must have the location of ALL 9 Chucks. Multiple entries will not be combined nor counted in unison.

The winner will be announced on Sweet Sweet Lax and we will let everyone know when someone has gotten it correct.